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Whiplash – how long to recover?

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Wet weather after a series of sunny days made the roads quite slippery this morning and I was witness to a motor vehicle crash which undoubtedly would have led to the common, often disabling and costly condition known as whiplash associated disorder (WAD) for at least one person involved. Continue Reading »

Tennis Elbow

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tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is not seasonal but we have had a flurry of referrals of such cases recently from insurers requesting specialist physiotherapy review.

You don’t need to play tennis to get tennis elbow, it can be caused by trauma or any repetitive activity and is the most common chronic musculoskeletal pain condition affecting the elbow. Continue Reading »

Frozen Shoulder

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frozen shoulder

We are often asked about frozen shoulder (aka adhesive capsulitis) and in particular what is the best treatment for this fairly common condition, regularly referred for physiotherapy. In the community it affects 3% – 5% and up to 20% of diabetics. Continue Reading »

Biopsychosocial – getting the balance right

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biopsychosocialAdopting a biopsychosocial approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders is a sound and fundamental principle of the Clinical Framework . It has almost become a mantra repeated by all and sundry and presumed to signify that the best, most evidence based and up to date approach is being used. Continue Reading »

Measuring Effect – is this treatment really working?

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outlcome measuresThe WorkCover WA-endorsed Clinical Framework  that we discussed in our previous blog, identifies as a guiding principle the need to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment. Demonstrating the benefit of treatment is critical to determining if the most appropriate or effective approach is being used. Often it is assumed by both physiotherapist and patient alike that just because symptoms are improved, even temporarily, after treatment that it is doing them good and therefore worth continuing. Continue Reading »

The Clinical Framework

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clinical framework

When insurance companies refer a workers’ compensation case to Specialist Physiotherapy Services for an independent physiotherapy assessment, we typically contact the treating physiotherapist and have a discussion about the clinical diagnosis and ongoing management of the injured worker. Continue Reading »


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We are specialist physiotherapists providing independent second opinion services to the physiotherapy profession, insurance industry and medico-legal profession.

With extensive experience in clinical practice, teaching and research and our unique specialist qualifications, we are best placed to provide expert advice on musculoskeletal injury diagnosis, management and prognosis. We have a strong commitment to achieving best possible outcomes and the advancement of the physiotherapy profession through objective accountability and evidence based practice.

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